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RPM RC Products

RPM was established in 1974 as a plastic mold making and injection molding facility. Many of the first high tolerance, precision molded parts built by RPM were for the commercial and medical industries, where accuracy is critical. It wasn’t until the mid 1980’s that RPM began designing parts for the R/C industry. These parts were of the same quality and precision that exist in the injection-molded parts we build to this day.

Since RPM’s inception, they have expanded their mold making capacity by purchasing some of the best machine tools available. In addition, RPM has a complete injection molding facility in-house. Every single molded product made by RPM is conceived, designed, built and manufactured in their facility, in Chino, California USA!

Very few manufacturers have the capabilities that RPM has for full in-house production. This ability to design, manufacture and produce their own products gives them the best possible quality control over their parts. Excellent quality control, in turn, gives RPM customers the best possible parts!