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Adjustable engine mount CNC-machined from premium lightweight aircraft aluminum with XRAY sylish black finish and silver edging. The engine mount consists of two pieces: the adjustable bottom mount is affixed to the chassis while the upper mounts are attached to the engine.

When installing the engine mount for the first time, the slots in the chassis enable easy and comfortable gear mesh adjustment. Once the proper gear mesh is adjusted the bottom mount is fixed to the chassis. This enables the engine to be mounted and dismounted each time without another gear mesh adjustment.

The single-piece engine mounts allow easy access to the rear cover of the engine so you do not have to dismount these holders at any time! The single-piece engine mount can be easily mounted to the lower mount as it has very easy access area for a screwdriver.

The special design of the engine mount features a prolonged nose that is designed to decrease the flexibility from the middle of the XB8 chassis. The nose will stiffen the chassis and will decrease the movement between the teeth of clutch bell and spur gear, thus minimizing the chance of clutch bell or spur teeth breakage when insufficient gear mesh is present. To make the chassis stiffer, the nose can also be mounted to the chassis.

The engine mount set consists of a 1-pc universal lower engine mount and 2-pc stands for Novarossi, GRP, RB, Max, JP, and Sirio engines.

The single-piece stands are also available separately (part number 358716 for Novarossi, GRP, RB, Max, JP, and Sirio engines, and 358717 for Picco, Mega, Orion, LRP, OS), which means you can have your engines from different manufacturers pre-installed with the single-piece holders which fit the universal lower engine mount.

Notice: Current XB8 owners who want to mount the nose to the chassis will have to drill a hole in the chassis. All future XB8 and XB8R kits will have the chassis already modified to accomodate this new engine mount.

Product update: Please note that the black upper engine mounts were replaced
by the hardcoated engine mounts; functionality is same.