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CY: RC 34mm 25.4cc Big Bore 2 Bolt Head Kit

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34mm big-bore kit from Chung Yang - 25.4cc. It features an all-new casting with thicker heat fins and more.
Kit includes: cylinder, 34mm piston, piston ring, piston pin, pin washer set, pin bearing, and NGK CMR7H spark plug.
Increases power and speed substantially! This high-performance product requires 91 octane (using the R+M/2 octane rating method) or higher fuel, and comes without warranty. Fits G23LH / G230RC / G260RC / CY23RC / CY26RC engines. Also works as a replacement top-end for the CY26RC (Fuelie 26) engine.
For scooters: Fits any scooter using the engines listed above.
For R/C: Fits all vehicles using the engines listed above. Fits a wide variety of 1:5 and 1:6 R/C cars, planes, boats, and helicopters. For cars - fits FG: Marder, Leopard, Monster Beetle, Monster Truck, Stadium Truck, Pajero, etc. Also fits Firehammer, XTM, Carson Attack, HPI Baja 5b, and other large scale RC cars.


One Seven RC suggests using a Zenoah cylinder gasket (ca321) or the heavy duty steel reinforced gasket (ca325)