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CY: RC 54mm Clutch Shoe and Spring Kit (9mm bolt hole)

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Chung Yang 54mm stock clutch shoe and spring kit with 6000rpm spring. 
FG part # 7317/11
Now with longer-lasting clutch shoes! Bolt holes for the 2 mount bolts are 9mm in diameter. HPI part # 15440. This is the stock clutch setup for HPI Bajas and will bolt right onto a 5B, 5T, or 5SC. If you want your clutch to engage at a higher RPM, just change the spring to a high RPM one (The DDM part number for the 7500 RPM spring is GT220, the 9500 RPM spring is GT220a ) NOTE: The springs on these clutches will be either unpainted, or have some yellow or red paint on them. It is all the same part from the factory, makes no difference what color paint dusting the spring has. You must use CY clutch hardware (bolts, flat washers, bellville washers) for use with CY clutches.