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Introducing our latest motor testing tool, the Facts Machine 3S Precision Resistance / Inductance Meter!  This incredible new tool allows you to test both the resistance and inductance of your brushless motor!  This information is critical in knowing the performance capability of your motors.

Did you know that knowing the inductance of your motor is just as important as knowing the resistance? Yet most racers don’t pay much attention to this.  Most racers are only concerned with getting the lowest resistance stator they can find, however, this is only half the equation in finding the best stator possible.  Inductance also plays a very important role in your motor’s performance.  The general rule of thumb is the combination of the lowest resistance and highest inductance produces the highest performance for R/C motors and the difference between these two numbers we call the “spread”.  Typically, the bigger the spread, the better the motor will perform.  For example, using common 17.5 turn numbers of 18.0 milliohms as the resistance number and 30.0 milliHenries as the inductance number, this is a spread of 12.  If you could find another 17.5, for example, with a spread of 12.5, this motor will run better on the track compared to the motor with the spread of 12.  Not knowing the “spread” basically leaves you guessing at what motor is truly best in your box.

In addition, the Fantom Facts Machine 3S is not mass produced, but rather is hand-built one at a time, in the U.S.A., to the highest standards in the R/C industry.  The Facts Machine 3S calibration is double-checked for the highest accuracy possible, using 5% tolerance resistors and inductors, referenced to our shop Instek GOM-802 milliohm meter and Duoyi inductance meter, so you can feel confident that we are providing you with the most precise stator tester in R/C.  To purchase an Instek GOM-802 and quality inductance meter costs over $500, so the Facts Machine 3S is an incredible value for all serious racers.

Now, with the new FACTS MACHINE 3S Resistance / Inductance Meter, you can test the two most important factors of your stator with one compact and easy to use tool!

No more guessing…get the “FACTS” and the edge over your competition with the FACTS MACHINE 3S Brushless Motor Resistance / Inductance Meter!


  • Precision Calibrated Using an Instek GOM-802 milliohm Meter (same as ROAR uses) and a Duoyi DY-4070G Inductance Meter
  • Resistance Range: 0 to 999 milliohms
  • Inductance Range: 0 to .999 milliHenries
  • Displays both Resistance and Inductance Numbers, of all 3 poles, at the same time until the unit is reset (eliminates having to memorize or having to write down each number)
  • Lighted LCD Display
  • High-quality Mueller® Gold-plated resistance clips and high-quality Kelvin inductance clips
  • Capable of testing each pole individually or two poles at a time
  • AC Powered – Includes 6v Wall Power Supply
  • 3D Printed Case with Fantom Logo
  • Comes in a sturdy, foam padded storage box
  • Hand Built In The USA!


  • DIMENSIONS: 2.85″ (72mm) L x 1.58″ (40mm) W x 0.72″ (18.4mm) H (0.78″ / 20mm H including screen)
  • WEIGHT: 2.45 ounces (69.46 grams)